Music fans are wondering what one specific artist is thinking about Drake and Kanye West's reunion on Tuesday night in Toronto. After going to war for the last half-decade with petty insults on social media and diss lines in hit records, Kanye and Drake put their differences aside with the help of J. Prince, who got them back together and facilitated their beef-squashing moment. Given Pusha-T's history with both Kanye and Drake though, many are wondering what exactly he's thinking at this moment, and whether he's also cool with Drake now.

There are hundreds of posts circulating as people wonder how Push is reacting to this situation, and the majority of folks theorize that he's probably not pleased about this. Some popular Twitter accounts suggested that since Push is in "album mode" right now, his next project will likely contain at least one reference to his own feud with Drake, which was one of the most intense rap beefs in modern music history. 

Pusha-T has not personally commented on Ye and Drake's reunion.

This week, the Virginia Beach-based rapper revealed that his mother passed away, sharing adorable photos of her with his baby. "I love you Ma, thank you for sticking around to meet your grand baby…we all are gonna miss you," he wrote on Instagram in his most recent post.

Check out what people think Pusha-T's reaction to Kanye and Drake could be below.