When OVO Sound Radio returned Saturday after a considerable hiatus, it was assumed Drake and Oliver El-Khatib had something special up their sleeves. Bringing in Pharrell to do a guest mix was a big enough move, but of course, at the end of his set, Williams played an exclusive new remix to N*E*R*D's "Lemon," featuring none other than Drake.

As usual, many fans were listening to the episode live and tweeting along to it, and as usual, many opinions were had on Drizzy's new contribution. The original track, of course, features a scene-stealing appearance from a rapping Rihanna, so people are pretty protective of the track. As a result, there were some Twitter users who didn't feel Drake's remix was necessary, and a few who seemed to simply want to get some jokes off at his expense. On the other side, there were users who felt the rapper "saved" the track, as well as those who were going to let it "marinate" rather than getting off a hot take halfway through the song (probably good advice to us all).

Check out some of the many responses to the track below. Who do you agree with?

Whether or not the "Lemon" remix brings the track back up the charts, Drake is doing pretty well for himself on the Hot 100. "God's Plan" has been No. 1 for seven weeks and counting while "Look Alive," his collaboration with BlocBoy JB, is at No. 7. In related news, the rapper's 2017 "playlist" More Life celebrates its 1-year anniversary this Sunday. From the looks of things, the follow-up may not be too far away.