By now, most of you have heard Kanye West’s highly anticipated new Ye album. The Chicago rapper debuted the project Thursday night in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where the who’s who of the industry was in attendance, before he made it available on streaming platforms early Friday morning. Looking to promote the album, Kanye decided to do what most artists do when they drop an album, and that’s tweet out their respective links to the project on Twitter.

Kanye did just that on Friday, sharing a tweet containing Spotify, iTunes and TIDAL links to the Ye album, but apparently something didn’t get approved or go as planned. Because out of nowhere, Twitter took down Kanye’s tweet altogether, just leaving the message: “This Tweet from @kanyewest has been withheld in response to a report from the copyright holder.”

So how could Kanye be breaking copyright laws with his own album? Who knows. The reason for Twitter’s removal is yet to be given, but it’s definitely rather fishy to say the least.

Check out a screenshot of the tweet (below) and revisit the album, Ye, right here on HNHH if you haven't don't so already.

[Via HHNM]