Today is Donald Trump's 74th birthday, but rather than celebrate, many Twitter users are instead taking today to make the point that ALL birthdays matter, to prove to him—and every All Lives Matter believer—just how stupid that saying is. The hashtag #AllBirthdaysMatter began trending on Sunday (June 14th) in response to the POTUS turning 74, in an effort to steer the attention away from his birthday festivities by focusing on every person's birthday, the same way the All Lives Matter crowd does to the Black Lives Matter movement.

donald trump all birthdays matter troll twitter hashtag trend all lives matterElijah Nouvelage/Getty Images

Most of the tweets that include the hashtag are in some way condemning Trump for the abhorred (although, unsurprising) way he's handled the aftermath of George Floyd's murder and the resurgence of the BLM movement in the public consciousness. Others decided to shine the spotlight on Barack Obama instead, some even declaring June 14th to be Obama Day. Many users simply took the opportunity to amplify and honour the lives of the many Black people who have been killed at the hands of police.