We live in an era of humanized corporations. Many of the biggest companies underpay some millennials to manage their social media accounts so their brand names surreptitiously infiltrate your timelines and your minds. They play with memes and trending topics to gain your trust and support, promoting the notion that the internet is an even playing field where everyone gathers to have a good time. Despite the slight eeriness of this state of affairs, corporations trying to sound like the rest of us regular folk has at times resulted in some hilarious interactions. 

A few days ago, the social media intern at Twitter decided, possibly out of boredom, to start some beef with Twitter's rival platform, Instagram. Clearing all previous photos from its official Instagram page, Twitter posted a screenshot of a tweet by someone named Mia that read: "Instagram is literally just screenshots of tweets and I think @Twitter should call them out." Well, it turns out someone at Twitter was inspired by Mia's suggestion. The screenshot of the tweet was divided into six different photos in order to take up two rows on Twitter's profile and more real estate on Instagram in general. 

Even though Twitter was calling out Instagram for feeding off its content, Twitter's Insta page is now devoted to sharing some of the greatest hits of tweets - probably as a power move to attract users to its hilarious hellscape of an app. 

Now, we wait for Instagram's response.