In what appear to be two massive cyber attacks in one day, Internet users (AKA humans) across the United States and parts of Europe have lost access to some of the web's most important/entertaining websites for the good part of today. Some of those websites that have lost service include Twitter, Soundcloud, Reddit, Spotify, Netflix, and Paypal.

If you've been having trouble listening to Soundcloud links in our articles, now you know, the troubles run much deeper than your own desire to turn up the trap. Fortunately, our "sources" tell us that Pornhub is still up and running.

The specific type of attack unleashed today is known as a DDoS or distributed denial of service, and it targeted a company called Dyn. Inc., a corporation that provides domain names for those major websites mentioned above. Homeland Security is reportedly investigating the attack.

According to the latest report, Dyn is back up-and-running, but users have still had trouble using their favorite sites. Let us know in the comments if you've been affected thus far.