The I Am Athlete podcast has given us some of the most wild statements over the past year and has spurred some of the most wild discussions.

From Chad Johnson/Ochocinco's all-McDonald's diet to Cam Newton's explanation of Bill Belichick's "Patriot Way," I Am Athlete, which features Marshall, Johnson, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder, is a great forum and opportunity for four former-NFL players to speak their minds and interact with guests. 

Sometimes that speaking of the mind results in extreme backlash, however, and after guest and free agent wide receiver Dez Bryant went on a mini-rant about former NFL quarterback and current activist, Colin Kaepernick.

Bryant, who asserted that he respects Kaepernick, had this to say. 

"I said it when I get the opportunity, and to get on the stage and say it I would and I love him to death. So it ain’t no hate or nothing like that," Bryant started. "But brother you had the biggest opportunity in the world to create jobs, build jobs give jobs to people … the people that you was talking about, the people you so-called standing up for, the people who stood beside you, the people who lost their jobs because of you. Where you at? I ain’t heard from you.”

According to Bryant, Kaepernick, who launched the Know Your Rights Camp and has donated over a million dollars to funds aimed at educating and bettering the lives of Black Americansdidn't do enough for the "people who stood beside (him)" and the people who he was "so-called standing up for." 

Twitter did not take kindly to Bryant's statements. 

From Jemele Hill to thousands of other users, the message was clear: Bryant did not know what he was talking about.

Bryant responded to Hill, saying he had reached out to Kaepernick and received no response.

But the backlash was fierce and tweets keep piling up, mostly responding to Bryant in a way that is sure to let him know to do his research.

What did you think of Bryant's appearance on I Am Athlete and his remarks on Colin Kaepernick? Let us know in the comments.