Saturday night, Louisiana State's non-conference winning streak came to an upsetting close after Troy University’s Trojans took to Tiger Stadium, on the latter’s Homecoming match no less, and prevailed victorious in a 24-21 win. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that the No. 25-seeded Tigers picked up the slack in a trail of 24-7 to bring the match’s score up to its final form.

Quarterback Danny Etling completed seven of his eleven passes with LSU going into halftime with 97 yards rushing on 15 carries. LSU finally got in the game with a 7-yard touchdown pass from Myles Brennan to Foster Moreau following a fumble on Troy's end. But shortly thereafter, Brennan threw an interception that set Troy up for a touchdown drive that would put them up for that aforementioned lead of 24-7.

The game came to a close when the Tigers gained possession at the 9-yard line with 18 seconds left on the clock. Etling threw for a 27-yard gain to D.J. Chark, but an interception on the next play by Troy cornerback Blace Brown put the game on ice.

LSU’s season kicked off with two home game wins over Chattanooga and Syracuse, respectively, before taking a win over BYU in New Orleans. Last week marked a loss to Mississippi State with a score of 37-7 before Saturday night’s upset. The last instances in which the two teams met on the field were in 2004 and 2008 with LSU reigning victorious both times, clearly entering Saturday’s match as the favorite.

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