Both the Seattle Seahawks and the Indianapolis Colts came into their game on Sunday night with one win each so far in the regular season, and despite a patchy start, the Seahawks took off in the second half for a win of 46-18, racking up a franchise high of 36 points in the second half. It was quarterback Russell Wilson who contributed to the plays that would ultimately turn the game around for Seattle, remaining the star of the evening’s offense despite throwing for two interceptions.

"We sustained, we got some third downs and were able to make a couple plays here and there," Wilson told NBC Sports after the game. "I thought the line did a great job. A couple of those sacks were on me and I thought we continued to battle."

Despite their loss, the Colts managed to put on a decent performance, holding off a lead of 15-10 by the close of the second quarter with the impressionable Jacoby Brissett stepping up to the plate to deliver on a memorable performance that included a 55-yard drive that ended up giving Donte Moncrief his first touchdown of the season. Sadly, it couldn’t last with Brissett only having nine throws for 15 yards with only two completions to show for it.

“They just outplayed us big time in the second half. We didn’t do a good job of adjusting. That’s on me,” Indianapolis coach Chuck Pagano said. “We’re a lot better than that, but it’s going to be the same old song and dance if we don’t get things cleaned up.”

Week 5 of the season will the Seahawks moving on to battle the Rams while the Colts will hit the road for a game against San Francisco’ 49ers.

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