Ever since the release of Netflix's second season of its hit-tv series You, fans have gotten cozy on their couches and bombarded the streaming platform binge-watch the entire season. Evidently, the show keeps fans coming back for more because the plot in and of itself is incredibly telling of today's social-media focused society. The main character, played by Penn Badgley, also delivers a spectacular performance as his mentally deranged character in every episode. Since the show's release, it is fair to say that You has also opened up a deeper conversation about social media use and one's access to personal information, modern dating and more. After the first season, fans brought their varied reactions to the web.

Social media had a lot of fun making memes out of the main character, Joe, by chiming in on matters of privacy and stalking. And now, with the release of this new season, Twitter has gotten some time to indulge and reflect on the series. The responses are insightful while some are absolutely hilarious. Now, if you have not watched the second season yet or the show at all, we do want to warn you that there are major spoiler alerts ahead