Sunday night, the Detroit Lions took on Pittsburgh’s Steelers and unfortunately suffered yet another loss, weakening their record to 3-4, adding on to their losing streak. In the two weeks prior, the source of their defeat was pretty consistent, trailing in devastating deficits from the gate with their Week 6 loss to the Saints taking form through a score of 31-10 by halftime.


But in Week 8’s game against the Steelers, things seemed to be different as Detroit was up 12-10 by the time the break came around. Quarterback Matthew Stafford threw for 423 yards, a season best, and had no turnovers. Yet, the Lions still filed to rise to the occasion, squandering away three opportunities at the goal line in the second half. By the night’s end the Lions’ 482 yards were the third-most recorded in NFL history for a team that failed to score a touchdown.

As for the Steelers, it was rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster who gave the performance of a lifetime, racking up 193 receiving yards, catching a 97-yard touchdown pass from QB Ben Roethlisberger.


"How I saw it was Ben called the play, and I was like the middle feels open," Smith-Schuster said. "You got to take it. I took it. Ben believed in me and got the job done. It was great." The Steelers now move forward with a record of 6-2 as they take this week off before returning to face off with the Colts on November 12. Until then, check out Twitter’s top reactions to Sunday’s matchup below.