On Saturday, shortly after dropping a new song and video, Chief Keef found himself in handcuffs. He was arrested and later charged with a DUI, though he didn't seem the least bit bothered about it. During the administration of the drug test that led to his DUI, Sosa reportedly told officers, "It's OK. When you find weed in my urine I'll just get my attorney to get my marijuana card." Also at the station, Keef posed for one of the all-time great hip-hop mugshots. 

As the Miami Beach police took his booking photo, Sosa outrageously licked his lips and gave the camera a look of devilish irreverence. "Savage" is the only way to describe such a pose. Here's what social media had to say about Keef's latest mugshot. 

"Back like cooked crack," the 21-year-old Chiraq luminary was released from police custody on Saturday night. He seems to have an expert legal team on his payroll, though time will tell if the DUI will have career-threatening consequences for Keef, who has a lookbook full of mugshots -- his latest being the most glamorous.