Last night D-town representer Big Sean released his highly anticipated album I Decided and as we all imagined, it's so fire. In the days leading up the release Sean has flooded our headlines, but one of the biggest stories is quite possibly the news of Jay Z gifting the rapper a Roc-A-Fella chain last night. It's like the ultimate stamp of approval, that, and a spot on the trending topics list on Twitter, which the rapper has received too.

Whether it's talk of the absolute mayhem Eminem's verse on "No Favors" created or rave reviews and support of the project, everyone is talking about I Decided and we decided, no pun intended, to round up some of the best tweets on the album. 

It's only right that we kick things off with the man of the hour.

Next up are Sean's peers, who are all giving praises to the rapper on a job well done.

The support is really pouring in from all sectors whether it be artists, media outlets, the freaking city of Detroit or just excited fans, people are genuinely happy for Sean.

And though the big ole blue bird yields a lot of respectful and endearing commentary on the album, Twitter also has jokes, a lot of them on Eminem's crazy "No Favors" verse. "Detroit is on fire!"