It’s being called one of the most surprising retirements in sports history. Andrew Luck, at just twenty-nine-years-old, is retiring from professional football. To start his career, Luck had led the Colts further and further into the playoffs each season, stopping one game short of a Superbowl; however, since then, injuries have held Luck’s career in a chokehold. Last night, Luck finally decided to tap out. 

In light of how shocking a decision it is, fans across social media have experienced a wide range of reactions. At the stadium, Colts fans began to boo their once beloved quarterback after news broke for the first time during last night’s game against the Bears. Perhaps, the boo’s were directed more at the situation than their prodigy but regardless, Luck heard them. “It hurt,” he said when asked about the reaction

Other NFL players weighed in on the situation as well. Former teammate, and also, young retiree, Pat McAfee express his understanding of Luck’s decision but wished for him to have kept playing. “I understand you’re the smartest human I’ve ever talked to, but man, I wish you would’ve played longer,” McAfee said in a video posted to Twitter after news initially broke. Check out some of the Twitter reactions below.