Just a few days after Instagram hopped on the live video bandwagon, Twitter has begun their own roll out of the feature. The social media platform has traditionally had more live video support than both Facebook and Instagram with its ownership of live streaming app Periscope, but now Twitter has removed the requirement for users to leave the app at all, letting people stream directly through Twitter.

Check out the #GoLive hashtag to see the first examples, and a video below Twitter released this morning that features new music from Vic Mensa. The interface looks exactly like Periscope’s including the constant stream of heart icons as people like a live video.

The move makes more sense for Twitter than it did for Facebook, since Twitter is so widely used by the journalism community. However, their lateness to the game may doom them to failure after Facebook has been supporting in-app live video for months now. If you don’t see the update yet, give it a few days. The feature is being deployed to users on a rolling basis, check out an early example of the feature below. Read more about the update on Twitter’s blog post.