While his claims of growing two inches in his early 30s should have been enough to get people talking about the Detroit 2 rapper, Big Sean has probably just found out that an overwhelming amount of Hip-Hop fans actually have a crush on him. Late Tuesday evening, Sean shared a post to his Instagram with the caption, "Black Hair = Magic," and ever since then, fans have been absolutely thirsting over the G.O.O.D. Music artist.

Sean's latest post simply consisted of him showing before and after videos of his hairstyling, as it transitions from a more compact afro into a huge mane before being braided into six cornrows. Apparently, however, that was more than enough to inspire fans and artists alike to speak on Big Sean's physical appearance.

Even rising Hip-Hop artists like Yung Bleu and Bfb Da Packman felt compelled to speak on Sean's luscious locks. Yung Bleu theorized that Big Sean knew what he was doing by sharing the post, saying, "U licking your lips n sh*t like 'yeah this gone kill em' [laughing emoji]." Bfb Da Packman, however, got as direct as possible with the I Decided artist, saying, "N*gga you beautiful."

Several other fans took to Twitter to comment on Big Sean's physical appearance, so check out some of the thirstiest Twitter reactions below.