If you haven’t heard by now, Kylie Jenner, who just gave birth to her first child with Travis Scott the other day, officially announced on Tuesday in a heartfelt IG post that her newborn daughter’s name is Stormi. Yes, Stormi.

The unique name shouldn't really come much of a surprise to fans considering Kylie has nephews & nieces with names such as Chicago, North, Saint, Penelope, Reign and Mason. So you should’ve known a name like Sarah or Jennifer wasn’t going to happen, but Stormi?

Immediately following Kylie’s official announcement, fans took to twitter to voice their opinions on the name, with most people having a field day with it & poking fun. A lot of people were either dropping puns comparing Donald Trump's porn star mistress, who’s name is also “Stormy” (Stormy Daniels) or saying that the Kardashian-Jenner family were trying to get into future weather forecasts lol. 

Of course, there were some people who liked the unique name, but the overall consensus seemed to make fun of it in some way or form. So we decided to compile some of the best tweets we ran by, which you can check out for yourself (below). What's your thoughts on the name “Stormi”?