As NBC first reported, Twitter is experimenting with a ton of new features aimed to improve the overall social environment that permeates the platform. Their first initiative will be to facilitate the "in-app" use of the camera phone on their platform, a move they've labeled as "progressive" in view of the fact they're merely trying to capture some of Instagram and Snapchat's market share.

"We’ve really intentionally tried to make the images and footage that are captured on the ground at an event look different than other images and videos that you might attach to a tweet," said Keith Coleman, head of consumer product placement at Twitter.

 Twitter also plans to unveil a chat-based platform called "twttr" which they hope will stimulate healthier conversation on the platform, as well as the nether regions of the Internet they don't control. When word of "twttr" first started gaining traction online, many believed the Twitter developers had done away with the "like" and "retweet" functions the userbase had grown to love, based on the images that were provided - but alas, the "like" and "retweet" are simply hidden from view on the new "twttr" beta (behind a tap-like cover-up). Does the Twitter do-over do anything for you at this beta stage of development, hit us with your thoughts?