We all know Twitter can get pretty worked up over the silliest little thing sometimes, but for once, it seems like they've found a worthwhile cause. A list published by Jezebel on “Actors Who Are Bad At Acting” is upsetting a lot of people. Oscar-winners such as Brie Larson, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicolas Cage (who, arguably, actually has a place on that list) made the top the list. Other names listed include Bradley Cooper, Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot. However, out of all of odd choices the author picked out, Amy Adams is the one that people will just not stand for.

The Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice award winner (along with six Oscar nominations and seven BAFTA noms) is being fiercely defended. These are just a few of the comments posted on Twitter: 

One user even claimed that the site was simply trying to get people riled up in the comment section to attract viewers, saying, "this is VERY "post it, people will get mad about it in the comments." (I know this and yet also I'm ENRAGED that Amy Adams is on it. ENGRAGED.) - J" 

Do y'all think Amy Adams should've made the list?