Were you up in the wee hours of the morning today? Did you notice anything weird in your Twitter timeline? If you’re an iPhone users, your eyes weren’t deceiving you. This morning, Twitter accidentally pushed a test feature to all iOS users. The new feature made @ replies not count against Twitter total character limit.

Because this is the internet, people quickly turned this into an exercise in trolling. The loophole created by the new @ reply feature allowed people to tag an obscene number of people in their posts and spam everyone they wanted. The internet ruins everything.

Even aside from the trolling, most users were not stoked by the new version of replying. The @ reply has become something of a cultural icon as much as a way to talk to people. Plus, no one likes change. The feature has since been rolled back, but don't be surprised to see some version of it surface again in the near future.

See what Twitter had to say below.