By this time next year, Twitter may have a whole different concept and layout. After talks of dropping the "Like" button and hiding the irrelevant follower count, the platform's CEO Jack Dorsey has now publically discussed the latter as well as the much dreamed about Edit Button.

Discussing follower count and how the platform previously enlarged the font of someone's follower number, Jack explained how it "put all the emphasis, not intending to, on that number of how many people follow" a user, making people seemingly just interested in having it go up. 

"So when you open Twitter and you see that number is five. It is actually incentivizing you to increase that number. That may have been right 12 years ago, but I don't think it is right today," he added, via SlashDot. "I don't think that's the number you should be focused on. I think what is more important is the number of meaningful conversations you're having on the platform. How many times do you receive a reply?" 

As for the anticipated edit button, it's currently being worked on so when it does arrive, it's everything we need. “You have to pay attention to what are the use cases for the edit button," Jack added. "A lot of people want the edit button because they want to quickly fix a mistake they made. Like a misspelling or tweeting the wrong URL. That’s a lot more achievable than allowing people to edit any tweet all the way back in time.”