We received Twista's Adrenaline Rush album way back in 1997, and the Chicago rapper is sharing what inspired him to pen the record. Twista recently sat down with Atlanta's Hot 107.9 where he revisited that time in his career and spoke about how Treach gave him a little push to switch things up after the Naughty By Nature rapper dissed him.

Twista, Treach, Hot 107.9, Adrenaline Rush
Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

"When we got in, we knew what we wanted," he said of creating the album. "It was my second time doing it on that level so I kinda knew where I wanted to take the music." He recalled experiencing celebrity "on a different level" following his Do or Die collaboration "Po Pimp," a single that he still calls one of his favorites. "Making [Adrenaline Rush] was a great process, beautiful time in my life and like I said, I was refined, mindstate, lyrically, and from that point on, that's how I was able to go kamikaze every project after that."

"When I was writing Adrenaline Rush, I was in my zone," he added. "The way I used to rap at first was from the essence from where rap first started, more east coast-orientated, more lyrical, being an emcee in a certain way, but then I started feeling [like] I wasn't getting accepted a certain way. So, one day...especially like, after I got dissed."

"I think Treach dissed me one time, I was gettin' dissed, and I made up my mind," Twista added, referencing when the Naughty By Nature icon reportedly called him a "quick tongue fraud" back in the early 1990s. "I said, 'You know what, from now on, every rhyme I write is about to be for my hood, for my streets.' And that's where Adrenaline Rush came from, was my decision to not rap for another town. Let me rap for Chicago." Check out the clip from his interview below.