All Star Weekend has been eventful to say the least. While there's been a ton of things going down from panels to performances and of course, the All-Star game itself, there's also been some unfortunate incidents that have occurred. Now, it seems as if Twista got himself into a bit of a scuffle during a party last night.

TMZ reports that Twista got into a fight this weekend after Michael Jordan's NBA All-Star Weekend party. The rapper was seen putting a man in a headlock while his friend punched the guy several times before he managed to escape. According to the report, a shuttle bus took people from a parking lot to Jordan's home in Bel-Air. 

After heading back on the bus around 1:30 a.m. Saturday to leave the party, a man allegedly started heckling other people on the bus and was getting obnoxious. It's also reported that he was harassing several women at the party and allegedly started recording a woman and said, "I want to see the face of stupid."

The fight happened after Twista came to the defence of the woman. After the man told Twista they'd deal with it off of the bus, Twista and the man got into it afterwards. 

There hasn't been any reports of any severe injuries or if the authorities were involved but in the video, you could hear people trying to intervene to stop the fight.

You could watch the clip below.