Twista "Disrespectful" Video

Matt F
August 16, 2017 17:11

Check out Twista's new video for "Disrespectful."

His most recent album Crook County was a red-hot return to the hip-hop game for Twista, and now the rapper known for his blistering speed is back with a new set of horror-tinged visuals for his single "Disrespectful." Coming in strong with a disturbing vibe that is reminiscent of the Saw franchise, the music video definitely helps set the tone for an album that is all about the darker side of the human condition.

Shot inside of a dingy parking lot that has been transformed into the lair of a maniacal killer, the gory images are stained with copious amounts of fake blood and are sure to be off-putting to anyone who is the least bit squeamish. However, there is a certain hypnotic power in the way that the video melds with the lyrics, spit in rapid-fire fashion by Twista. Quick, erratic cuts only accentuate the off-kilter atmosphere, as a young woman flees from the rapper, who is dressed up to look like a cross between two of the most famous bad guys in horror cinema history: Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees. The stylish choice wasn't an accidental one, with Twista telling Mass Appeal that he "wanted to take it back to the horror flow style [...] horror is my favorite movie genre other than Sci-Fi, and I felt it would be fitting for a video like this with a song like 'Disrespectful,' especially when you listen to some of the dialogue in the song."

"Baddest" and "Next To You," two other tracks from Crook County, have already been given the visual treatment and one has to think that Twista will most likely keep this kind of momentum going as long as he possibly can. Whether you're a fan of splatterfest movies like the ones paid homage to in this music video, "Disrespectful" is nothing if not a well-executed tribute to some of horror's forefathers.

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