Jordan Peele first caught everyone's attention as a comedian, but he's evolved into much more than a funnyman. The talented director, producer, and actor is set to reboot the classic television series The Twilight Zone. He will replace the legendary host Rod Serling, whose voice is almost synonymous with the series. Peele will narrate and host the anthology show, and production has begun for the series. 

CBS All Access shared a video announcement for the start of production that also ties in clips from the classic episodes. All Access is CBS' answer to the streaming culture, and will function as their on-demand streaming service. Simon Kinberg is also announced as a producer alongside Peele in the new trailer. Kinberg has produced several X-Men films, and also directed the upcoming Dark Phoenix movie. 

The original Twilight Zone was a science fiction series that focused on odd occurrences that told a larger story about the human experience. Viewers were left to wonder about life's biggest mysteries at the end of each episode, and the open-ended interpretations thrust the show into nationwide popularity. Ambiguity and science-fiction often fit well together, and Peele used both to construct his horror film Get Out. The Twilight Zone is set to premiere in 2019.