Chris Brown’s publicist has to be a millionaire. Just think about the amount of damage control this person has to perform, on top of managing an already-polarizing figure. Despite lengthy stints in anger management and continued, sometimes confusingly-rabid fan support (like this stuff), the enigmatic Brown continues to play the role of the antagonist, engaging in countless reckless feuds on the mega-public stages of nearly every social media platform available.

Never the pacifist, Breezy throwing stones on Twitter and/or Instagram is practically expected when you scroll through your feed nowadays-- with Team Breezy ready to defend the singer/actor/rapper. Some of these feuds are eyebrow raising to such a degree that, when pondering why in the world Brown would even bother, you may find yourself feeling like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.  Most of them never pan out into anything tangible, forever to live in the ether of the Twitterverse (or even robbed of that much, deleted by Breezy in great haste). The most recent occurrence happened over the Fourth of July weekend, when Brown engaged with the mother of his child via Instagram.

With that in mind, we're running down five other memorable social media feuds Breezy engaged in.