The BeyHive is very passionate, but today, some were misdirected in their attempts to fight for their queen. When suspicion arose that fashion designer and ex-wife of Dame Dash, Rachel Roy, was the woman Beyoncé deemed "Becky with the good hair" on LEMONADE, some quickly mistook the name for Rachael Ray, beloved (an in this case, totally innocent) TV cook.

While she didn't get as hard of a time as Roy, a look through Instagram and Twitter shows that Ray caught some misguided shade today, but so far, she's been a good sport about it, tweeting through it as if nothing strange was happening.

Even Black Lives Mater activist Deray (who Bey happens to follow on Twitter) expressed confusion over the true identity of Becky. Check out his tweet and a screencap of Ray's shambled Instagram comments (which also contain a few good semaritans setting people straight) below.