Mansur Calar, a midfielder for Turkish soccer club Amed SK, is under investigation after multiple members of Sakaryaspor accused him of slashing them with a hidden razor blade during a recent match.

Calar, 33, allegedly cut Sakaryaspor players Ferhat Yazgan and Haci Dogru during Saturday's 1-1 draw at Diyarbakir Stadium. He is reportedly under court order not to leave the country.

Check out some of the footage, as well as the aftermath, in the tweets embedded below.

“After the match, our players were taken to hospital, and it was proved that those cuts were caused as a result of an assault with a sharp object,” the team said in a statement. “The issue is completely in the hands of the justice system.”

According to the Washington Post, Amed SK has accused the media of a “smear campaign,” saying the allegations against Calar “does not reflect the reality. It aims to target our club.”