Perhaps Kanye revealing his personal debt on Twitter has inspired other rappers to do the same. Yesterday, former Hot Boys member Turk went on Instagram to admit to a $5 million debt of his own, an amount that he is unable to pay. He soon asked his fans and followers to donate to his new GoFundMe page, which was started by his wife. 

In October 2012, Turk was released from prison after serving almost 9 years for his alleged involvement in a 2004 shootout with Tennessee police officers. He was eventually charged with attempted second-degree murder, and in 2006, he accepted an Alford plea deal, eventually leading to his early release six years later. 

Apparently, while in prison, the police sued Turk for $60 million -- in a case in which he had no direct participation, and the judge eventually settled on the lesser amount of $5 million, which Turk is now being forced to pay. 

"I did 9 years in prison for something I didn't do," said Turk in an Instagram video post. "While I was in prison, the judge awarded the police $5 million, and I never even went to court on it. Now that I'm home, they trying to get me back in the system for the $5 million that I don't have." 

As evidenced in the above post, Turk is also fighting to prove his innocence. He has a forthcoming documentary, titled "52 Bullets," which he hopes will do just that, and he has stated his willingness to take a polygraph test. 

Check out and donate to Turk's GoFundMe page here.