In February, Turk, an original member of the Hot Boys, who released their first record with Cash Money in 1997, filed a lawsuit against his former label to the tune of $1.3 million. Initially, Cash Money was given until March 11, a three week deadline, to respond. Birdman & co. filed for an extension, pushing the deadline back one month further. April 11th has come and gone, and still no response from Cash Money.

Now, Turk is making one last effort to get his money. On April 29, Turk's attorney filed a default motion against Cash Money, which, if granted, will award Turk his money without having to go to trial. "It’s not like they and their attorney did not know the deadline," Turk told AllHipHop

Of course, Cash Money is currently involved in a much bigger lawsuit with Lil Wayne. Wayne is suing for $51 million, though he recently had to re-file his lawsuit in New Orleans, furthering the delay. 

You think the judge is gonna snatch $1.3 million from Birdman's pockets? 

[Update: Judge Grants Default]

Turk just posted his Entry of Default on his Instagram, complete with the judge's signature, as well as the caption: "Some Shit Niggas Shouldn't Have To Do." According to procedure, Cash Money will be ordered to pay Turk $1.3 million. We expect Birdman to stay quiet on the matter, though at least he has one less court date to look forward to.

Chump change for Birdman? See Turk's IG post below.