Today is a great day for Tupac's estate, in its current form. You would think an estate once administered by his own mother Afeni Shakur before she passed away, would ultimately have his best interest at heart. After 5 years of fighting a mass media enterprise over control of his unpublished material, a decision has finally been rendered in the courts, with the estate winning over -- what they thought was rightfully theirs in the first place.

In the lawsuit, Tupac's estate also demanded that Entertainment One, the aforementioned mass media enterprise, fork over unpaid royalties for posthumous releases they had overseen, somewhere over the seven-figure plateau. Although both sides are likely to have settled for an amount below the initial seven-figure asking price. In fact, sources close to TMZ believe the figure sits comfortably within the six-figure range.

Tupac's mother Afeni orchestrated the lawsuit in 2013, in order to recuperate the unreleased master recordings Entertainment One had come into possession of, either through a foreclosure or something far more conspicuous. After Afeni died in 2016, the trustees working under her son's name kept the flame alive, and with great effect. Not only has Tupac's won a significant balance of the profits, but every single unreleased recording has been repossessed, and they are believed to be of great value.