Another valuable piece of Tupac memorabilia has been put up for sale. This is by far the most expensive of the recent items. A gold and diamond pendant that was allegedly worn by the late rapper is currently for sale on the site Moments In Time for a price of $125,000. This particular piece of jewelry isn't exactly in mint condition; in fact, the dented pendant was apparently struck by a bullet when Pac was shot five times at a Manhattan recording studio in 1994, about two years before the Vegas shooting that caused his death. The incident, in which Pac originally implicated Puffy and Biggie, was a crucial catalyst in the East-West rap beef that would go on to dominate the rap narrative over the next few years. 

The owner of the memorabilia dealership selling the pendant, Gary Zimet, has confirmed to TMZ that the item was indeed worn by Pac during the infamous Manhattan shooting. He also claimed that the pendant was given to him by a member of Pac's family and that said donor will receive a majority of the profits of the sale; this was also the case for Pac's prison Bible that was put up for sale earlier this month (also by M.I.T. -- for $54,000).

It should be noted that TMZ reached out to the managers of Tupac's estate, who reportedly rejected legitimacy of the sale of the bullet-dented pendant. They didn't necessarily deem it a fake item, but they affirmed that no one -- not even family members -- is allowed to sell any of Tupac's possessions. The reps of the estate have maintained that they will sue both sellers and buyers of the personal items that have been put up for auction or for sale, reports TMZ. 

Also this month, memorabilia such as a four-page essay Pac allegedly wrote in prison, his platinum plaques, and signed film contracts were put up for auction on a different site.