Blood Piru OG Mob James was a bodyguard for 2Pac and Suge Knight in the heyday of Death Row Records. In a recent interview, he said the legendary emcee likely died at the hands of the South Side Crips. That same night, he had initiated the beating of a Crip gangbanger at the MGM Grand in Vegas after a Mike Tyson boxing match. 

"If Tupac would have stand to the side and watched, and if Suge would have said, "No you my money, you ain't finna get in no fight, get over there,' Tupac would be still alive right now in the day. And this is the only reason why he died, he interfered in something he had no power in," Mob James said.

Two hours after the brawl, Tupac was shot while riding with Suge to Club 662. He died six days later. James said the man Tupac stomped, Orlando Anderson, likely retaliated and killed the rapper. The Pirus aimed to avenge him but couldn't track the gangster's whereabouts. Anderson died in an unrelated shooting in 1998.

The OG said that Shakur's attitude changed when he started associating with the Pirus. He started "spitting" and "bumping into people." In the end, Mob James expressed regret that he ever associated with Suge, who he claims barely paid the gangbangers who protected him.

Tears ran down his cheeks as he explained that his connection with the Death Row CEO led to his brother death in 2002. He was glad to get the story off his chest though.

"That's why I'm here. That's the only thing that matter to me; exposing the devil," he said.