Ever since Tupac Shakur was fatally shot in a 1996 drive-by attack in Las Vegas, there have been conspiracy theories surrounding his death. The legendary rapper's fans claim to have seen him frolicking about in Malaysia, Cuba, and other countries as people are just not convinced that he's actually dead. It's unlikely that Shakur's legacy will ever rest as chances are slim we'll ever clear this mystery up. Especially when videos like this one are popping up over twenty years after his murder.

A new video has surfaced, according to The Mirror, which reportedly shows Tupac Shakur walking right by his alleged body double on the same night he was killed in Las Vegas. The footage was reportedly captured at the MGM Grand Hotel, where Pac was proven to be staying that night. A fan posted the video online and explained why they believe it proves Makaveli is still alive, saying: "You know on this footage of Tupac walking into the MGM lobby, I don’t know if anyone ever noticed but he walks right past his body double."

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Several reasons were given as to why this means the "real" Pac is still out there and breathing. The theorist added: "It’s an orange shirt under different lights it looks darker in the dark and under bright lights, it almost looks yellow." They also said: "Tupac walks in and there’s a guy standing in the middle right with his back to Tupac. This guy is standing right there. Tupac walks right past him. He’s standing in exactly the same way as Tupac, got the cigarette right in his hand, he’s got Tupac’s complete outfit on but it looks different because of the light. He’s standing in the shadow, Tupac is under the light. He’s got the same chain on, you can see it’s the same chain because it’s hanging out, you can see the back of the chain out of the back of his shirt."

As you would expect, people are undecided on how to react to this theory. There are those who have already grown attached to this retelling of Tupac's murder and then there are those who aren't having any of it. What do you make of it?