It’s never too late to try and recoup your royalties is it? Apparently not if you’re singer Natasha Walker, who’s suing Tupac’s estate for unpaid royalties for her work & vocals done on Pac’s record “Bury Me A G,” even though its over 20 years after its release.

In documents obtained by TMZ, Walker claims she and Pac made a deal in 1993 that the song would be a joint effort and she'd have equal ownership. However, Natasha says she's never saw a dime from the song's release and is now taking it to court.

The only problem for her though as TMZ points out, it’s currently 2017 and the statute of limitations for contract claims in California is just four years.

Walker's attorney, Jennifer Harris, told TMZ her client has every right to still take legal action because the song continues to make money and will for the foreseeable future. She wants all royalties, back and current, plus damages and attorney's fees to be paid for. Whether she gets all that or not is another question.

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