Tunecore CEO Scott Ackerman Talks How Artists Can Get Paid & More

Mitch Findlay
January 05, 2018 12:16

THE PLUG INTERVIEW: Tunecore CEO Scott Ackerman breaks down his business.

We recently had the chance to speak to TuneCore's CEO Scott Ackerman, and while it was a deviation from our usual type of subject, the mogul actually shed some interesting light on a part of the industry you might take for granted. Over the course of the wide-ranging interview, Ackerman dispels the notion that there's no money to be made in streaming, giving his own behind the scenes perspective on his service. 

"Our artist base has embraced streaming, for several reasons," explains Ackerman. "They're making a lot of money with it...and people are able to use [streaming] as a discovery tool." He also goes on to break down what exactly Tunecore does, and how it can help artists remain independent while giving them a platform for digital distribution. "The core piece of our business is distribution," says Ackerman. "While we are a subscription model, we pay one hundred percent out back to the artist...Artists give us their content, we distribute that out to over one hundred and fifty digital stores worldwide."

For anyone who has ever asked themselves "how do I get my music on Spotify," you may very well benefit from watching this interview in full. After all, Tunecore is an affordable option for independent artists, and landing digital distribution is a good look. 

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HNHH TV Tunecore CEO Scott Ackerman Talks How Artists Can Get Paid & More