The age-old question under which almost all hip-hop music is scrutinized: does it pass the car test?

There isn't a precise recipe for passing the car test. What goes in the living room, livens up an elevator, or tears the roof off of a nightclub, may not be suitable for the cabin of your automobile. If you asked me, I would say that passing the car test requires a certain bold, yet uninvasive presence, allowing you to balance your attention between the rhymes, the rhythm, and the road. 

It may be impossible to string together a universally accepted mixtape of trunk-banging tracks, for the relationships we have with our tape decks, CD changers, and auxiliary cables are deeply personal. Then again, if someone doesn't step up to the plate, that friend of a friend with the overzealous social presence might get brave with the airwaves.

Drop the top, pull back the sunroof, or hand-crank your windows down. Here are 13 favorites to ride to.