2020 is a wild year. As reported by New York Posta 69-year-old Trump-supporting Grandmother identified her grandson this week after she allegedly recognized him in rioting footage. The ongoing riots and protests in Portland, Oregon have been shared by every news outlet. We see footage of the mayhem on our TVs and social media feeds all day long, and Karla Fox immediately identified her grandson in some of that footage. 

18-year-old Gabriel “Rico” Agard-Berryhill was allegedly wearing an olive green vest with the word “ICONS” printed on it. Miss Fox claims that she purchased the vest for her grandson and recognized it, and him, in the footage of a rioter firebombing the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse. 

“I bought the vest for him after he found one online after getting hit with rubber bullets the night before at the protest,” Miss Fox stated. She left a positive review on clothing site Hibbett as well, writing, “I got this for my grandson who’s a protester downtown, he uses it every night and says it does the job.” 

Posting under the Twitter moniker @TRUMPSGIRL2020, Miss Fox tweeted, “This is my only grandson, I love him to death, and didn’t know he was going to do such a bad thing, I had been posting several things about the antifa and BLM, he knows I am against those riots bigtime … he chose his poison.” The post was in response to an article about the rioters in which her grandson was the picture. Agard-Berryhill turned himself in after being identified by his grandmother. He was released without bail after being charged with felony arson, and faces a minimum of five years in prison if convicted.

In a text message to The Post, Agard-Berryhill seemed to confess as well.“The device I’ve been accused of allegedly throwing was allegedly given to me by an unknown protestor with full face coverings,” he said. “I was allegedly told that it was a strobe firework that wouldn’t damage the building or harm anyone around it.”