We don't have to tell you by now that the 2016 Presidential election is the most bizarre, surreal, nauseating charade the United States of America has produced in a long time. In a video that will shock no one but probably should, a clip from CNN has surfaced today on the Twitter sphere of a Trump supporter named Dan Bowman, who says he may assassinate Hillary Clinton if she wins the election. 

"I feel Hillary needs to be taken out," Bowman starts. "If she gets into government, I'll do everything in my power to take her out of power, and if I have to be a patriot, I will."

When asked if he's threatening Hillary Clinton with physical violence, Bowman answered, "Take it any way you wanna take it."

Trump's consistent toxic rhetoric about the Democrats rigging the vote against him is nearly unprecedented in American politics, as it poses a major threat to the safety of American society and democracy following the election. In lighter news, if you haven't seen SNL's hilarious parody of the second debate, you can check that out here