Shortly after a little back-and-forth with Hillary Clinton, he's sparked even more controversy. Trump has undoubtedly been one of the most divisive presidents in history. Although the campaign slogan is "Make America Great Again," it only seems to be applicable to the fraction of the population that supports him. Case and point, his recent take on Democratic Jews. Yesterday, Trump held a press conference where he proved, once again, that his issues aren't with minority groups but with anyone who identifies within these minority groups who don't side with him. "I think that any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, ahh, I think it shows either a total a lack of knowledge or great disloyalty," he said during a discussion regarding Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

The comments were obviously ignorant, sparking a widespread backlash against the sitting president and his administration. Although Israeli officials kept mum about his comments, the executive director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America, Halie Sofer, slammed Trump for his anti-semitic response. “This is yet another example of Donald Trump continuing to weaponize and politicize anti-Semitism,” Sofer said.

Despite the backlash, Trumpito managed to find one Israeli that loves him, right-wing conspiracy nut, Wayne Allyn Root. For the context of this next quote, Root said Trump is “America’s first Jewish president" just like how Bill Clinton was "America’s first black president." The President took to Twitter to thank Root for his "very nice words" regarding his relationship with the global Jewish community and Israel. In fact, Root called Trump the "King of Israel" and suggested his presidency is "the second coming of God."

"President Trump is the greatest President for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world, not just America, he is the best President for Israel in the history of the world...and the Jewish people in Israel love him... like he’s the King of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming of God...But American Jews don’t know him or like him. They don’t even know what they’re doing or saying anymore. It makes no sense! But that’s OK, if he keeps doing what he’s doing, he’s good for all Jews, Blacks, Gays, everyone. And importantly, he’s good for everyone in America who wants a job.”