It's a new day in America. Donald Trump is officially out of the office and Biden was sworn in moments ago. There's already a long list of things that he needs to tend to immediately after the inauguration. The outgoing president, however, made a few plays before exiting the White House with a long-list of pardons

With the help of Snoop Dogg, Death Row co-founder Michael "Harry-O" Harris was granted clemency. And, as promised, Wayne and Kodak both were pardoned. 

Scott Gries/Getty Images

Weezy was facing up to 10 years behind bars after pleading guilty to a federal gun charge last month. His endorsement of Trump before November's election seemingly came with a promise that Wayne would get off the hook.

Trump upheld his end of the bargain and many of the rapper's peers and friends in the game celebrated Weezy's win in that situation. 2 Chainz shared a screenshot from David Begnaud announcing the report of Kodak and Wayne's pardon. "They was trying to give the boy some time," he wrote. "CASE CLOSED @liltunechi."

Royce Da 5'9" scored a double whammy today when Wayne was granted a pardon along with former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick who was sentenced to 28 years in the feds on racketeering and mail fraud charges, among others.

Royce simply celebrated with a "YES!" underneath a photo announcing Wayne's pardon. Underneath, Busta Rhymes and others chimed in with their own celebratory message. "I don't give a fuck about what no ones saying until you go to jail don't criticize a n***a finding a way to not do 6 years in jail for you n***as couldn't do a day god bless Wayne," Fat Joe commented.

On a more skeptical note, Peter Rosenberg chimed in, writing, "Just what Trump wanted... this is why he did it." That comment didn't necessarily go well in the comment section. Anyway, people are excited for Wayne to dodge a potential federal sentence and the fact that Trump is out of office. 

Wack 100, who previously stated that he supports Donald Trump, commended the president himself for conducting what he described as "Whoop Bidness." "Now that's Gangsta @realdonaldtrump."