Last night at the first presidential debate, Trump wasn't just noticed for his buffoonish statements and aggressive insults. It was actually Donald Trump's constant sniffling that fulfilled the Internet's thirst for content. Almost immediately, the jokes online began pouring in, and Trump's sniffles even got their own Twitter account (@TrumpSniff).

This morning, during an appearance on "Fox and Friends," Trump denied the charges, claiming there were "no, no sniffles." The Donald even went so far as to imply that his sniffling was really due to a messed up microphone - a clear play of sabotage from the Clinton campaign and the establishment (and probably the Illuminati as well).

According to Stephen Colbert, Trump's sniffles sounded as if he was treating a common cold with the traditional treatment known as cocaine. We'll let you see Colbert break down last night's events below as well to balance out the Fox News. Stay woke, folks.