Troy Ave was served many lemons in 2016, but according to the rapper, he's turning them into "lemonade with Patron." So reads the caption for Troy Ave's new "Sex Tape" video, which he previewed on Instagram earlier today, and has now shared in its entirety.

If you've been following the recent news around the Brooklyn rapper, you'll know that he was the victim of extortion last month. Someone reportedly got their hands on a sex tape involving Troy, demanding that the rapper pay them to prevent it from release. When Troy refused to pay up, suggesting that he simply didn't care if it leaked, it did make its way online. Troy then revealed that the sex tape was actually filmed for an upcoming music video, though he was planning on editing out the more explicit parts of the film before posting it to YouTube. That edited clip for his White Christmas 4 track "Sex Tape" has now made its way online, and while parts of it ARE censored, it's still extremely NSFW.

Did Troy successfully make lemonade (with Patron) out of the lemon he was dealt? You be the judge.