Unless Troy Ave coughs up $20,000, a shady character will release a sex tape they claim feature his bedroom acrobatics. Yesterday, the Harlem rapper posted on Instagram a screenshot of back-and-forth texts he had with the crook. The thief says they have a deal pending with The Shade Room for $20,000. Apparently, Troy Ave, whose album White Christmas 4 drops Friday, will have none of it.

Troy said he made the tape to use for a music video -- with the X-rated parts edited of course. He invites the highway robber to release the sex tape saying, "it ain't like I'm doing some freaky R. Kelly shit all me and my fans care about us my freedom." The rapper's still going to release his music video.

At the time this article was published, no sex tape video of Troy Ave doing the nasty has gone viral yet.

devil always tryna tear a real one down! some low ass home alone Christmas thief stole a laptop that had footage of me and a chick, I was gon use all the parts that wasn't that X rated 4 a music video. but now they got all unedited parts And now I'm pose to be gettin finessed out my racks ... i try to lure him out but the fuk nigga stayin in the shadows , so allegedly at 3 o'clock he pose to be going live so lemme jus tell him I Don't give a Fuck dawg, I will Not be extorted. It Ain't like I'm doing some freaky R Kelly $hit all me and my fans care about us my freedom, this dope music I'm puttin out & hearing #WhiteChristmas4 on Friday .... and Ima still put the other video out dick head, smh Devils Tryna tear a Real Nigga down but GOD is great and the paper straight, #RealOnes yall know wat it is Ride wit ya boi đź’Ż

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