Chance The Rapper has been vocal about his use of acid and its influence on his latest project-- fittingly titled Acid Rap. His comments have varied, initially saying there was "a lot of acid involved" in the recording process, before hilariously backtracking with "I mean, it wasn't too much — I'd say it was about 30 to 40 percent acid."

Either way, it's pretty safe to say that while Chance has used the drug recreationally, he's not exactly addicted to it, though rising New York rapper Troy Ave tends to disagree. In a recent interview with TheNEHipHop, Troy spoke of his displeasure with Statik Selektah's choice in voting for Chance for Complex's Rookie Of The Year.

“I wasn’t feeling Statik the other day man because Complex had a list of some shit, and rookie of the year, he voted for Chance The Rapper over me,” said Troy. “And I said I’m gonna tell’em when I see’em, ‘That shit you did voting for Chance The Rapper over Troy Ave was corny ‘cause I don’t see Chance The Rapper at your parties or featuring on your records, you can’t be fucking voting for drug addicts to be rookie of the year.”

The NY emcee revealed that he and Statik are still cool, but continued to refer to Chance as a drug addict. “The game is twisted and fucked up. How is a drug addict gonna be at the forefront of rap? That shit is corny." he said. "Basically, he cleared it up, he said there wasn’t like a list of names for him to choose from. He didn’t pick him over me, they just asked him, ‘Who do you vote for?' and they had to send out a name or whatever.”

Troy later addressed the comments he made about Kendrick Lamar in which he referred to him as a "weirdo rapper".“Kendrick say he actually fuck with my music heavy,” he said. “I wasn’t dissing him or nothing, it’s like if somebody said ‘Troy Ave is a dark skin rapper,’ alright, that’s the truth. Kendrick Lamar is a weirdo rapper, you know what I mean?  That don’t mean he don’t make good music, he got a few songs that I actually happen to like, but he’s a weirdo. Weirdo meaning different, you know what a weirdo is, you know what I mean. That’s what it is, it ain’t no dissing or nothing.”

Watch the full interview below.