Troy Ave has been yelling "Free Troy Ave" ever since the 2016 shooting in Irving Plaza. He's currently getting ready to go to trial over the incident. However, the rapper recently released his album More Money More Problems a few weeks ago and wanted to perform in his hometown of NYC in support of the project. Unfortunately, he claims the NYPD shut down his set at the Highline Ballroom again. "NYPD SHUT DOWN MY NEW YORK CITY HIGHLINE BALLROOM PERFORMANCE AGAIN❗️" He captioned his Instagram post. "MAYBE ILL SUE NYC TAKE SOME OF THE 💰 BUY A CLUB IN NEW JERSEY AND CHARTER BUS EVERYBODY IN FOR A FREE SHOW!" He added. 

Troy explained that the police stated that he brings in a violent crowd anytime he performs, but he doubled down on claims that the incident at Irving Plaza was done out of self-defense.

"First of all, you see the news, how they put out something crazy. They made it look like I was shooting up the club. That's not the issue," he said. "I got attacked in the club by a hater. I got shot both my legs, I beat the hater up, take the gun and I'm shooting at him. I sat in jail for 2 months for a hater."

Troy Ave also recently sat down with Naji from RapRadar for an in-depth discussion about his new project and his legal situation. The rapper spoke about how he feels "the streets is a myth," went in-depth about the Taxstone situation and allegations that he's a snitch. Watch the interview below.