Troy Ave On The Breakfast Club

Rose Lilah
June 16, 2015 10:21

Troy Ave stops by The Breakfast Club to discuss his first week sales, among other things.

Troy Ave's debut album, Major Without A Deal, did some pretty lacklustre numbers opening week. Troy is a pretty confident individual, and given that cockiness, the internet quickly tore him apart after his first week sales became public. The rapper moved 30 physical copies with total sales and stream over just over 4k. Now the BSB rapper has stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss his sales and respond to the slander.

He speaks on why the numbers were inaccurate, detailing the fact that he dropped his album on a Friday instead of the usual Tuesday, and the fact that mom & pop record stores were selling it early. He also addresses his nickname "Troy Average" and being 100% independent. He's still just as cocky as ever, though.

The interview also touches on his current relationship with Manolo Rose and more.

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