"This shit wack like a Joe Budden track." 

On "Press Spray," a cut off his latest mixtape Nupac,Troy Ave has some words for Slaughterhouse rapper/podcaster Joe Budden. Troy doesn't mince words, calling Budden out in a series of hostile bars:

"“You a drug addict and a bitch beater, rap podcaster and a dick eater, try to see how my balls taste, ask your chick she in the vid licking my face.”

Some might think Troy is poking the bear. Joe Budden is no stranger to beef, with a slew of scathing diss tracks under his belt, including "Making A Murderer" and "Dumb Out." Dude seems to actually enjoy beefing. In his podcast Everyday Struggles, Budden admits he's "one of the rappers that want to rap at niggas and diss niggas and beef with niggas, only that I respect though."

Still, Troy doesn't even seem to be on Joey's radar. Budden broached the subject of Troy's diss, stating he'll snap on "any nigga that say my name, except for Troy Ave, we ain't never doin' that." While he might never drop a musical response, he addressed the beef with a simple quote.