Though he's used to it by now, Troy Ave has been bashed in the headlines for the past couple of weeks, first for using the West Coast Lord's name in vain by calling his recent album Nupac and then for a rumor that he almost signed to TDE. Though that story seems to be mostly untrue, one can't help but imagine Troy trying out for a spot on the L.A. label's formidable roster. Last week, Troy took part in what might as well be viewed as an audition tape.

Watch below as he busts a freestyle over the beat to "HUMBLE.," the No. 1 single from Kendrick Lamar's new No. 1 album, DAMN. 

Troy dropped the freestyle for the L.A. Leakers right after he had participated in an interview with the Power 106 DJs.

During that interview, Troy claimed that the rumor of him signing to TDE got twisted by the media, admitting that he can't be sure if his people ever made contact with the West Coast powerhouse. He does maintain, though, that Kendrick Lamar -- whom he has notably called a "weirdo rapper" -- reached out to him, via journalist Rob Markman, while he was in jail last year for his alleged involvement in the concert shooting at NYC's Irving Plaza. 

After Markman allegedly relayed Kendrick's support, Troy says he got the idea of leaving New York and possibly signing to TDE, though he suggested to the L.A. Leakers that his people (specifically his former manager Hovain) dropped the ball when it came to working out a deal. 

For the record, TDE founder Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith has denied speaking to Troy or anyone affiliated with him, and he said the same goes for Kendrick Lamar.