Troy Ave "Flavors Of The Game" Video

  May 30, 2014 12:30
Troy Ave has teamed up with HNHH, XXL and Bacardi to bring you "Flavors Of The Game," a series of videos that explore basketball's connection to hip-hop, tattoos and sneakers.

Basketball has been around quite a bit longer than hip-hop, but since the genre's rise in the early '80s, the two have been inextricably linked. "Flavors Of The Game," a new series of videos presented by HNHH, XXL and Bacardi, explores the sport's connection to hip-hop, tattoo and sneaker culture. Above, watch Troy Ave discuss the similarities between rapping and balling.

As one of the new class of XXL freshmen, Troy knows quite a bit about competition, and it shows in this video. Other videos in the "Flavors Of The Game" series feature tattoo artist Jimmy Harden and sneaker expert Seth Wolfson -- watch both of those below.

Directed by: Kellen Dengler 
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Troy Ave "Flavors Of The Game" Video